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    Poker Max congrats

    i was just looking to see how my friends finished in last nites Poker Max game and to my surprise i see two very familiar Poker Owned players finished 3rd and 4th!! congrats to CPO Kim for 3rd, and Mikey414141 for 4th!! great showing for Poker Owned!! lots of other Poker Owned players also cashed!!

    I played in the Horse tourney and finished 76th!! not too shabby!!

    again congrats to all that cashed!! maybe we should all switch our avatars to Poker Owned while playing in these big tourneys!!

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    LOL! Switching your avatars to pokerowned would bring in traffic here. I wonder if pokerowned would make an add or something special if one of their own took down a big tournament.

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    Congrats on the finishes, can't wait until bcp has their lil series again. The MOSS events.

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