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    Ooops, I the donk?

    I normally post horrendous beats and whine like I'm the only one who has them, not this time.

    Starting Game #71049324-32
    StonefaceAA is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    sweethang018 posted Small Blind 50
    onehotdame posted Big Blind 100
    You Were Dealt (9c,9s)
    YooJaeSuk folds
    ImphonEE calls 100
    MichMan79 folds
    SpookMBluffwell folds
    isuck2day calls 100
    YallWatchDis raised to 550
    StonefaceAA folds
    sweethang018 folds
    onehotdame folds
    ImphonEE calls 550
    isuck2day calls 550
    Dealing Flop (2h,8c,Js)
    ImphonEE is All In
    isuck2day folds
    YallWatchDis calls 1417
    YallWatchDis shows (9c,9s)
    ImphonEE shows (Qh,Jh)
    Dealing Turn (Td)
    Dealing River (Qd)
    YallWatchDis wins 4634 from pot with Queen High Straight
    ImphonEE was knocked out

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    What goes around, comes around.

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    its sure does go around!! that was a pretty sick call!!

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    you got lucky, bad play, vbery bad

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    it's always great when you call an almost pot-sized bet with a two outer and hit a backdoor straight.

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