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    A Not So Disappointing Final Table Cash:Carbon $11 1k GTD.

    I was disappointed I got 6th in this same tournament 4 days ago. Last night I got 2nd out of 167 for a $300 cash. I was 3 to 1 chip dog HU. I came back to where I had a 5 to 1 chip lead and a couple races and wimpy plays later we were back to even. Finally went out AJ<AK. GL to everyone today.

    On a side note if anyone could help me make the pictures bigger for viewing on PO I would really appreciate it. They are always very large on my computer than microscopic when I add them to a post.

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    Grats to you, looks like you are doing great in these.

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    COngrats on your recent cashes. keep up the good work and the next you will win.
    Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery...

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    Grats man! Cant complain about 2 FT in a week and a few hundo in cashes to boot!

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    Nice job. It's funny when you are down, get that kind of a lead over the other opponent and you can't seem to get it. Congrats!

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    Nice cash...keep up the deep runs.

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    Nice job, congradulations on your cash... Good luck in all future tourneys!

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