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    My wifi goes out when I'm about to win a tournament.

    I was playing the $4k turbo rebuy on bovada last night and with 5 to go I had the massive chiplead when all of the sudden my wifi stops working. It was devastating because I was definitely gonna win that tournament. It feels horrible that this happened. I ended up getting 2nd which still was a good score of $720, but 1st place still nets me $300 more. Normally I would be happy with a 2nd place and winning 72x my money, but this one hurts knowing that I had an easy path to the win.

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    tough break here but like you said 2nd is a nice score brother. keep up the run good and remember i told you you are a good player

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    WOOOOWWWW.... this could only happen to me or you like we always say lol.. congrats though bro

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