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Thread: My best laydown

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    Apr 2014

    My best laydown

    I was in the Foxwoods Poker Classic (yeah, took a shot at the big time). I'm dealt JJ and after a pre-flop raise the flop comes out J97 rainbow. I bet about 2/3 pot, and my opponent snap shoves. To call him would have been about 3/4 of my stack which would have crippled me. I pondered it for about 5 minutes, then said I can't believe I'm gonna lay this down and showed the set of Jacks. The other guy flipped out and said "How can you lay that down". I said it's simple, I believe you have the straight. He replied "I do have the straight". The very next hand I drew a set of 4's and busted his QQ to KO him from the tourney and get all my chips back, and more. So you see, the right laydown can work.

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    Nice one man, that is a very good lay down how did you finish in the tournament?

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    That was a good lay down and i bet it was hard too and yes how did u come out?

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    one of the best lay downs in poker you can find on youtube, this guy ends up folding a full house with jacks, with his opponent having a full house of kings.

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    Good laydowns make you a great player and adds to the game. You can judge yourself making usually the right reads.

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