Total Free Money Earned

Redeems: $280,439

BTC Rate: $11494.73

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    MTT only from now on I think

    After yet another good run in MTTs on the iPoker network, I think I'll stick to them as that's where my profit is.

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    ooo nice spike in the graph =)

    keep it up mang~
    "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you will get the results" -Oscar Wilde



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    nice results but remember that mtts are ridiculously swingy; just because theyre going well for you now doesnt mean they always will. make sure to play within your bankroll because 20-50 buyin downswings arent impossible

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    So far this year I've started off with $0, won a bit in freerolls, then a bit more in MTT, before losing on cash tables.
    These are my MTT stats btw:
    Games Played: 133
    Avg. Buy-In: $3.39
    ITM %: 26
    Total Profit:$358.55
    Average Profit:$2.70
    Average ROI %:79
    Early Finishes %: 0
    Early Middle Finishes %: 8.3
    Middle Finishes %: 49.6
    Middle Late Finishes %: 23.3
    Late Finishes %: 18.8

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    Very nice, I too switched to MTT's...not because I think they can be more profitable in the long term than cash if you are consistent, but rather because I've taken a more recreational approach to my is much more fun when you give up the pipe dreams of becoming rich by multitabling $1/2 games and just enjoy a good tourney here and there...if I do well, awesome, if I don't, well blame it on variance either way I don't take it too serious anymore, thats how ya get grey hairs (trust me!)

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