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Thread: moral

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    Give love and receive love

    Maybe this happens to you or someone close to you ...
    He was once a boy, the first in everything, best athlete, best student, but you never knew was whether it was a good son, a good partner or a good friend. In a day of depression the boy was left to die. On his way to heaven he met an angel and the latter asked: "why did you? If you knew you wanted to ...", to which he replied: "Sometimes it is worth a word of comfort to all what you feel ... in so long I never heard: I'm proud of you ... thanks for being my friend ... not even an I love you ... "

    By being thoughtful angel, the boy added, and you know what hurts me more? "The blue angel asks what, to what he says," I still hope someday to hear ... ".

    After this the angel hugged the boy and tells him not to worry about is about the only person who always whispered that she loved him but never heard, but is waiting with open arms ...

    Never miss the opportunity to tell someone how important it is for you or would be too late ...

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    ok, nice read..thanks for the today in the poker world

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