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    that moment when

    you just wanna kick yaself REALLY REALLY HARD pro tip dont multi task whilst close to bubble

    17:51 <PooffyFooffy> not everyone screws up things the way I can
    20:27 <PooffyFooffy> I could use all the help I can get, lol
    <PooffyFooffy>lol I have my share of duh moments, regularly, lol

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    Great advice for anyone.

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    Hahaha.... sorry gotta laugh at other's misery. Multi-tasking is defiitely not good, but I do that myself. Moreover playing few tables at the same time, so they're small size, have to make quick decisions. Once I swear I thought I had JJ and since it was shove-fest freeroll and me being short stack I shoved..... few secs later I realized I was holding J3o and I got called by multiple opponents. Don't know how and where did I see JJ, but I won huge stack with that hand. Can't beat monster like J3o

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