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Thread: Matusow Esque

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    Matusow Esque

    I can honestly say I don't know where this came from. I don't know if it's repressed anger from some killer bad beats I've taken lately or something in my local water supply. Today in the PO 4pm I survived 2 all ins and was looking really nice. Then with 12 people left I got 99. I meant to raise but hit call. That irked me a little because this was a definite raise situation. So the flop comes out 7810. The small blind goes all in for half my stack. I know he has a ten but from some insane reason I decide I'm going for the straight. Something I literally never do. The turn and river are blanks.

    Then as if further channeling Mike Matusow I push my stack into 2 ppl who already raised and re-raised (again knowing da#n well I'm behind if not crushed) with 6h4h. Rightfully I was KO'd and I sat there dumbfounded about what I just did in the last 2 minutes. Did I mention not only was I playing like a donkey but I WAS the donkey! So close and I shoot myself. I know we all tilt and this isn't my first time, just not too many times where I've tilted with no reason whatsoever. I keep telling myself it's only a free roll but I take this place waaaaay to seriously as far as being competitive goes. Sitting out the 7pm but Ill be back for my fix at 10 and 11.

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    BiPolar Disorder is Matusow's mental illness of choice most of the time he skips the meds
    "Take My Bankroll-Plz!"

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    this was funny , i enjoyed ur post. especiallly the matusow part LOL. he used to be one of my fav players to watch, on tv. then one year i was in las vegas, during the WSOP, and watched him play a lot, in 2009. he was as calm and quiet as possible at the table. haha. weell GL and i think we all have done that for no reason from time to time too.

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    nice post enjoyed reading it lol thanks

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    Misclicking sucks. It's cost me some hands, but coincidentally, I've also won some nice pots with misclicks.

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    I'll fix you. For 1 tourney only. Have rules - no ifs ands or buts. Thsi is a Tilt breaker to get u back on track.

    Rule #1: For the first hour fold all but Any pocket pairs larger then 10 10 and shove them all-in Pre Flop
    Rule #2: IF you have dbled up, stay with Rule #1. If not, in the second hour, 20 people left to Bubble: HU in blinds or VS Button: Shove AQs, AKs, AK and AQ and PP's of 99 or better. IF you get short stacked (I mean realy SS - like $600 left) near Bubble then shove anything HU in a Blind and hope your 40% catches.

    EZ Rules, no tilting, follow the rules. You may run into AA, KK but your more likely to run into 10's, 9's, AXs etc and have your $ in good. Hell, you catch a set and you might triple up. Most big stacks will pay you off will absolute crap (i.e. A rag, KJ, anything suited, connectors etc)
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