player0330 Posts SB 25.00
jerzeyjoey Posts BB 50.00
TuckStyles85 Folds
keiprince Folds
babydrago Folds
hempnhalo Folds
sickreadtwenty3 Folds
CowbgyDang Raised to 150.00
turtleboooyjr1 Calls 150.00
crp62885 All In 1009.00
player0330 Folds
jerzeyjoey Folds
CowbgyDang Calls 859.00
turtleboooyjr1 All In 4786.00
CowbgyDang All In 2084.00
crp62885 Shows Tc,Td
CowbgyDang Shows Ah,Ks
turtleboooyjr1 Shows 8h,8d
crp62885 Out
CowbgyDang Won 3102.00 from Pot 1 with Ace High Straight
CowbgyDang Won 4168.00 from Pot 2 with Ace High Straight
turtleboooyjr1 Won 1843.00 from Pot 3 with Three of a Kind Eights

Finally outdraw turtlefuck, and of course the luckbox drills the turn.