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    Latest final table donk out: $100 GTD BOunty carbon/merge

    OK Play tight and run my $22k stack down to shet but make it to 6th place out of like 175;final table. I get A5s - I go all in and dude turns over K10 same suit (spades). Ace on flop - I'm 90%+....he has King hi. Next cars (turn) is a K, River is a 10. U got it. There goes a $10k pot and a dbl up in payout level $. from like $6 to $12 ez. dude in 5th place donked out the very next hand. Merge always has a WSOP Highlight reel come back for anyone who calls me at the final table beat. too funny.

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    lol, nice run any win is good, however badcooler
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