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    This kind of thing always seems to happen...

    Playing in the PM micro-main event and getting low so i shove all-in with AJ suited. Get called by 77. Flop comes J7x. I then hit runner runner Jacks to take the pot. Whoopie, but I know what's coming. Whenever I get a lucky hit I always go out in similar fashion. All in again with KK get called by QQ. Lo and behold a Q hits and I'm done.

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    Crazy >.< i dont seem to find the same always happens maybe some time since thats coin flips

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    yea i really hate flippin the coin early but i find myself doing it

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    I never suckout on people how do you think i feel. Its a huge injustice.

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    I always think of the old saying "fortune favors the bold" and think of the time I folded JJ and only to watch a J on hit the flop. ARGHHHH.... But 9x out of ten the 3 all ins in front of me have me crushed. It's typically the right right play EXCEPT when the pots so freakin big it pays to hit it 1x out of 5 etc... But yeah - I think in the end you play as smart as you can all the time and let the MERGED hands go. I've been cashin like 70% of the time lately exactly because I'm not getting sucked out on but we all know that will change.

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