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    justice served not tilting now

    just won the freeroll- poker- on- line at ft, on the final table i have slight chip lead, waiting for a good hand, a ukranian shoves allin ,im in the bb with pocket jacks and i call, he has a2 off, flop is nada with 2 diamonds, i have the jack of ds, turn is a low diamond. he only has 2 outs an ace that is not a diamond. he hits. im in 6th place with 7 left. i say - i can come back be aggresive. i did. here where justice is served. i make it to heads up against the ukranian. i have about 350k , he has 750k. i push allin with ace 4 suited he calls with 8s and i hit the ace and won the hand. i kept the chip lead until the last hand. he calls the small blind with a pair of 6s, one of them a club. i have ace 2 of clubs , i checked after he called. the flop is all clubs, 9,4, 7. i check the nut flush he bets 100 k, i smooth call, turn is 8 of ds, i check he pushes allin (drawing dead) i snap call , and as the beatles song (slightly changed) goes- i sent him back to the USSR. a BEAUTIFUL win. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee the russians. JUSTICE SERVED!

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    good job man, i was actually entered in that but ive been having internet trouble the past few days because of a storm... so i was one of the many sitters im sure

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    nicely done thats a great feeling when u get back at someone from a bad beat. congrats on the win overall

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    LOL thats awesome good job hahaha

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