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    Just busted out huge !!

    Just busted out at the final table of the 15k. Some donk calls my 4x preflop raise with 4 6 off suit and flops a straight against my top set of eights and takes the rest of my 150k stack. I would have been the dominate chip leader with 80% of the chips and 3 players left, but no, . .donk city has to come through huge with the 4 6. I hate poker.

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    Has to be more to this - at the FT of the 15K - he's not just gonna call with 4-6 off unless he had you far out-chipped and he was the BB and maybe had a read on you
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    happens all the time hopsbar, Even in the 100k gtd guy caled me pre flop ITM with over 30 BBS each with a 24 o/s and said he had a feeling and he cracked my aces.

    i dont play good tourneys like that often either really but seems like the higher the tourney prize pool the more shit like that i see,

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    good run and cannot do nothing about the landmines and people trying to donk off. Good run.

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    4 handed your going to get people making plays and getting lucky. Sux but happens
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    Lame. you'll get him next time. Hey, you made the table!

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