today i have STALLED the clock at full tilt in the oh and horse squeking in the money barely. also today .09, .08,.04 cents in 3 tourneys. yesterday an 11th at bodog 500 freeroll for 3.50, at full tilt i made the final table in the 7500 man he rush. thats the third final table in the last 40 days. got 8th yesterday for 5.50. now im in 55th with 57 left. and ive been stalling the clock at least an hour. in i let my timer go out and wait to sit in until the hand is finished. so iget in the money at 43 with 45 left and about 40k. one critical hand was i had pocket kings and raised 1 bb. bb calls . flop comes k 10 2.with 2 diamonds on the board, i bet 2400 he calls. diamond comes on turn i bet 2400 and he raises 2400. prayin to pair the board ,river is a blank. ibet 2400 he pushes the pot of 35k which puts me allin and i think long and fold with top set. i would say 90 percent of freerollers call they make the crying sure he hit the flush.anys i came back mostly against one player who raised all the time , once he raised and i had position with pocket aces and i just called him flop turn and he pushed me allin on river and he had rags. in rush if u watch the hands played out u learn who is who. anyways got there again. so in 60 ts ive placed good in 4. i dont count the micros. well back at it again 4 games now