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    I've come second, third, fourth... but it's the first time I've come....

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    After playing on pokerstars aggresively playing Heads Up, the final table was really easy, for anyone who has done the DD they will know how impossible it is to win because of the major factor which is donk, anyway I have my money back from full tilt now... In regards of my last post, I said my money didn't feel safe and I told of couple of people I wouldn't return to FTP, turns out they were right (aceone) but at the moment of time it didn't seem possible, I had to experience pokerstars to accept some of the madness I've experienced on FTP.

    Not posting anything else on this topic, so negative or positive comments I'm not going to respond, but what I will say is if you don't like a poker website it is your choice to move elsewhere for whatever reason and find the place that you like the best, if you REALLY do believe you are having bad luck after bad luck try taking a break from a website and go elsewhere, I've experienced a gazillion bad beats on the last 7 days at FTP, the best advice I can say to you is play HEADS up poker, over and over and over and over again because you get to play so many hands in a short period of time.
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    10 hours donkfest and perfect HU skills

    your skill+a bit luck mix were successfull a lot

    Nice win!

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