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    Apr 2012

    Im tilted as we speak !!

    Man i just sat and watched a donk make suckout after suckout like 8 hands in a row . So what do i do i wait for a big pair too me forever to get em but i knew if i shoved id get a call so i gett kk shove and he calls with 74 off
    YEPPPP!!! i dont even need to say what happened its kinda sad when this is normal . I swear theres a donk rewards card i dont know about and they get it punched and save there points !! Ok im not as steamed now lol .

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    when people run hot there is nothing you can do but get your money in good and hope for the best....

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    Usually love these people at a ring, cause usually your gonna get your money back, but if its in a mtt not a big fan. Don't play in big money tourneys so I see this from time to time and really chaps my arse too man so I know what you mean.

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    Tough break, I have to agree with joefine on this one. Just two nights ago I went down to low limits after getting served in medium, I could not lose. I won 14 consecutive hands in a row until finally open folding on the 15th.

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    That happens to me a lot, but eventually I move on and will concentrate on the next poker game.

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    Sometimes tilt can be a good thing , other times not so much... Lol.


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    i hate it one mistake and ur out of the game simply hate it

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