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    I think they should change the name of Omaha

    I think they should change the name of Omaha to "Omaha Flush". Is a flush harder to get mathmatically than a straight? Doesn't seem like it would be.

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    In Omaha, that's a good question. Seems like if there are 3 of the same suit on the board 99% of the time SOMEONE has a flush. Although I have to think mathematically that a straight is still easier.
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    Doesnt matter how many cards are in your hand. Its still harder based on the fact that theres still 13 of each suite.

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    That's true, flush is still harder than a straight in Omaha. Think of the wraps you can get etc.

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    Hi mark and happy holidays to you and your and i hope you have a wonderful 2011 ! Omaha is like the most second popular game next to no limit holden amoung poker player that play live or online and to try and answer your question a flush is harder to get because usually it goes deeper before players knows that he has one most of the time. Now is faster to get in omaha than no limit because there are more card seen first
    and available. Hope that answers your question and good luck !

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    Why should the name be changed because of a hand?

    I think they should all stay the way they are.

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