I'm still a little sore from this but the story was that after doing pretty good in low stakes all of a sudden I started being bubble boy like every other game. My Cowboys were up against pocket rockets. I was getting rivered. The problem was not so much that I never got good hands, villains just always had better ones. It went like this for a while. I almost managed to break even throughout this monstrously bad streak.

Good thing I rarely played cash games because the tilt would probably have messed me up even more. The tilt. I was furious. I was on full blown tilt even when I was not playing. I would punch my computer screen so good thing it was one of those huge blocky ones.

All that changed for one, beautiful game. It was a standard SnG. It started off with me having bad expectations, but halfway through I started getting flushes, straights, sets, Pocket Rockets. I had never encountered such monstrous hands in such a short span of time. I've never seen anyone else continuously hit the board so hard either. I ended up making it heads up with a stack the size of Mt. Everest and won the SnG.

I thought perhaps Lady Luck had finally eased up on me. But no, as soon as it was over the same old bull started. I figured poker was rigged and cashed out what little profit I made over the year. Either that or God was simply playing some sort of joke. You want your good luck to be spread out, not mashed into one insignificant tournament. I wish I had a recording of that game. It really was sick.