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Thread: I was bored

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    Apr 2011

    I was bored

    So I got no game to play and I'm bored at Cake with huge bankroll.

    I went to the Cake casino with $20 and in 2 minutes I had hit a

    Mini jackpot for $280.

    I left with my dough and was bored and happy.

    I DO NOT EVER recommend these Slots,

    This was a total fluke. But I'll take it

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    Jul 2011
    lol nice man!
    no never ever go back

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    Apr 2011
    I once hit the zero on Party Casino's roulette table... They haven't paid me nor have they even aknowledge anything related to it. I guess I was dreaming/didn't happen.

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    sweet hope i get bored soon i could use a big hit lol

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