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    How AM I suppsoed to play headsup in turbo SnG I'm so unlucky and bad at it?

    The past 30 $3.50 turbo Sit n go's I've played In I've made it to the money 28 out of 30 times
    13 times second 14 times third 2 times first

    I usually have equal or greatest chip stack
    And almost every time that I outdraw them and both go all in preflop I will lose 90% of the time the superior hand always loses it's very frustrating

    I'll call all in with AJS they will have Q5s and get a flush
    3times their chips all in with AQos they call with 36 and get a straight
    AA vs A5 they get three of a kind fives

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    don't get surprised, that AJ is not much better than Q5s, it almost a flip, soy you have 50% chance of winnings

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