I managed an 8th place finish out of 108 entered for $4. There was one hot player that got a huge stack early by raising big pre every hand and getting very lucky hitting the flops consistantly. He seemed to never let up and made it difficult to play any hand at all. Didn't seem to matter what hand he played, he would catch a piece of the flop or suck out on the river. Happens I guess... he wasn't a skillfull play at all, pushed hard nearly every hand and hit.

These GoHard Grand Slams are every Monday night.. now at 9 PM my time.. were at 8PM, but time change moved em I guess. $100 freeroll with $5 rebuys and add on. You wouldn't think there would be many or any rebuys or add on.. but this is also a league event. 12 week leagues are run. Next one starts next week or week after. Good prize money involved in it too. Here is a link to some info about it. Philly is the league leader at the moment with about an 80 point lead... so it looks like he will win it. GoHard Poker - Promotions > Grand Slam

Good luck to all who give this one a try! It is a part of the Everleaf network, but the Grand Slam in unique to GoHard.