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    Jan 2013

    Folding my smaller set

    I got into a pot cheap with 44 and hit what I thought was my gin pot against 2 players: A64 rainbow.

    The first guy check, then I check to the preflop agressor: he cbets like half the pot, then it gets raised to like a little over double that, I think for a few seconds and piece things together and fold.

    There eventually was a 5-bet all in and there was a AK vs. 66. I totally avoided the setup hand losing only 4-5 bbs in the progress!

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    Apr 2012
    Congrats! Most people, myself included at times, will fall into that trap.

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    Aug 2012
    Being able to spot a bigger hand like that is often times impossible, especially online. Kudos (or whatever the new lingo is)

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    good lay down. it's a sticky trap that one, better watch that cbet, reraise, call

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    Way to dodge the setup is hard to get away from that hand..nice job

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