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    Flopping quads twice!

    just got done playing 1-2 live at the casino. had a nice lil run of cards, flopped quads twice and had other players betting into me! my first hand i played at my table i limped with 10 7 suited and got raised to $6, we had like 5 way action and it came 101010. one guy bet $20 on every street against me and i called him down and i got my last $ in on the river but he folded for the additional $40 or so showing 55. then about an hour or so later a guy straddled on the button and the small blind and me (the big blind) called. button then raised $15 more on his option and we both called. i had 77 and the flop came 778. the guy made the continuation bet of $40 and i called, turn came a Q and he bet $75. i had went all in for an additional $40 and got called. (he didnt show). prolly flopped quads less than 8 times in my life (live hands+ online hands) and just flopped quads twice in under 2 hours, whata nite!

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    That is too sick, talk about running hot!! You obviously run very well anyhow though, seeing as you're b2b champ hahaha.
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    that was very lucky especially in live game

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    Crap - I'll have what yr having - tose r the fun times of poker...too bad most of poker is a negative (non-cashing event) but the big ones are so nice.....!!!

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    haha it seems i never make a big cash when i hit quads.... lucky, yet unlucky

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    Wow very nice. And its nice to get paid. Ive flopped quads live once and didn't get any money. It was a juicy game but was a 3 way limped pot and I got no value. Idr how much I actually won but I think i just got my money back cuz the rake was so high lol

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    very nice congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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