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    Flopping an Ace High Flush, Not good enough?

    1 in 64,974 to flop a straight flush, only once this has happened

    Would you fold your ace high flush if someone was re raising you? don't think even phil ivey would, poor bastard.

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    yeah no way can you fold what you believe is the nut flush

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    Theres no way you can fold there. Ive flopped the nut flush against a set before and the turn and river both came 7's for me to lose with all the money in. There is no way you can think that they flopped that hand. Youll be right more times than wrong there.

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    NH ... Villain is suppose to go broke there.

    I think I might start watching FG while playing, it seems to work quite well.

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    Psychology how can you get so lucky with this?

    Well done
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    i am never EVER folding this hand

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