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    First cash - second PO tourney

    I played in my second freeroll today and made the final table. Finished 10th, but still feeling pretty good about making it to the money within 2 tournaments. Other than a few of the rude players who feel the need to demean people to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives and poker play, I enjoy playing with all of you. It's fun and for the most part make the game pretty fun (which is why I play in the first place). So, thank you all and I look forward to another final table tonight at 9.

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    Congrats! The freerolls are pretty awesome here. It's a great way to build a BR. As far as the rude players, unfortunately you'll need some thick skin around here too. But they're pretty harmless.

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    congrats on making the final table. now your on your way to your first million

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    very nice cash let it be the first of many to come

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    i know what you mean, i played my first carbon freeroll yesterday and with blinds at 25 50 and 1300 chips left....i raised to 150 with AA, the big blind calls (with 99)...flop 9 3 2...he bets out 150, i make it 450 and he goes allin.....i call, lose....and half the table criticizes me that he obviously had me beat lol

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    Good Job. I have been playing for awhile and they are always fun. Keep up the good work. See you at the tables.

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