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    Thumbs up Final Table at Tilt Facebook $100 PL 5 Card Draw 01-10-11

    5th place finish out of 835 for $4.85. Had a shot in this one..but once at 210k..just slowly melted away.

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    grats on the finish, i played in it didnt go too far, i was focusing on the daily dollar, i had fun in the draw tommorrow is27low3 draw , badugi is my favorite poker game and did better at it than any poker game because idiots dont do well. anyways u plyed good draw poker today. i think 5 card draw is my weakest game . im good at single draw 2-7 low but the triple draw i dont quite get it, when u r playin 2-6 games at once triple draw is too time consuming. gl tommorw.

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    $4 for what 4 hours work hmmm

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    CFB played the 5 draw Poker game and it is very good on it.
    Yesterday I forgot to register in that one, I know my bad but well done
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