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    even in higher stakes

    This comes from a $22 ($20 + $2) entry, deep stacked tournament on Carbon Poker. Two people limp early, the utg +2 open shoves 50... yes 50 big blinds. I wake up with KK right behind them, call. Find 2 more callers, including one the limpers. He turns over 97s and finds a miracle straight to practically knock me out in like 20 hands. If my hand held, I would have been a MASSIVE chip leader, but of course not, never.

    He then proceeded to give that entire stack back in like 4 hands and was knocked out soon after. Ugh.

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    All-in, then 2 more callers???? With that kind of raise and then a call, I'd have folded those Queens in an instant. Not that it mattered to your kings.
    Sorry, man - that sucks huge donkey ^$#(s.

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    The player playing 9 7 is NOT a poker player but a pure gambler. How he calls preflop allin with THAT kind of Garbage is beyond me???? and of course the site rewards terrible play LMFAO
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    Well that loss is unfortunate, but who knows what happens when you have two live cards.

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    Been there felt that.

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    there are always fools with money out there, big and small
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    Yeah that was gross, But this is the reason that you can make money. Off of idiots like him. I'm not sure if it is the correct play to be shoving 50bb in a tournament with any two cards especially since you still had people to act. Don't get me wrong I am doing It every time but that doesn't mean it is correct. either way dude shoving with 9 7 is an idiot and that is one hell of a beat.

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