To set the scene, this was a for fun play money cash game table at an anime convention I recently attended. A "casino night" was the highlight event of Friday evening, and I quickly gravitated toward the Texas Hold'em table.

FIRST FREAKING HAND I'm dealt QQ. I raise every round including preflop, eventually going all in on the river...a bunch of nothing I should have to worry about came on the flop, turn, and river...then only guy left in who called my river all in, sitting directly to my right, turns a dingbat two pair that he'd had since the flop.

That's not the dumb part. THIS is the dumb part: The guy accidentally flashed his cards to me before the flop hit--and I completely forgot what those cards were an instant after! I completely did not make the connection to those cards for the answer to the question "why is this guy calling me?" and I ran 100% out of chips during practically the first five minutes of the casino night. I don't know if I was stupid sleepy, tired, or whatever, but CLEARLY I was nowhere NEAR the top of my game that night--recognizing this, I declined to buy another set of chips for...I think it was $5 and got the heck out of there and back home. I have NEVER been more embarrassed at my own stupidity--and that is saying something. Feel free to lol at this post--that's what it's here for.