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    DONKS and their way like a LOTTO millionaire

    i had to open this thread after my heads up game in 27 triple draw vs. anyone from romania...
    i've played against many donks or sharks or fishs or whatever before, but ive never seen a comination of no skills, agressive donk betting, knowing the game minimum and learning the rules while the heads-up, and finally having luck like you need to win chances like 1:100 4x in a row -> makes you a lotto millionaire...
    i had him down to 250 chips (me 2750) and had a middle hand 87542, and stood pat last draw, after getting him allin. he drew 2 cards and gained 87532 (that one card 3 means he won cause 3 is lower than 4..)
    next one: me 97543, he drew 3 (!) cards and got 96432......
    after that one: me 86543 (thats a good hand, normally enough). he still drew 2 cards after he drew 4 cards in the 2nd draw round where i bet him allin. and what he gets???? 76532..... but thats not all!!!
    next one we both drew one card at the last draw: i got 76532 (7 low is always winning normally, especially vs. donks like him, he just had this one 7 lower) and he got "the nuts" 75432, and won the pot 1.8k chips..
    after that one i totally crashed cause of those 4 unbelievable suckouts and lost after some hands, cause blinds were now up to 100/200...
    his id is: lasamafa, maybe someone has some notes about him.. if not, MAKE SOME!!
    leave some comments if you want to
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    Lol, yeah I guess this guy should really try out lottery...

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    ya that guy is crazy lol... talk about a lucky day

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    That's why I play Razz... Used to.

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    People will play anything in other games, they just dont noe how to play with ppl who do noe how to.

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    It's bound to happen, hopefully you made notes on this player and play him/her again and get your money back and more.

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    Well accept a defeat and next time you will be the winner in my opinion.

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    I wish I could play against donks on Pstars....=(

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    I love the "its bound to happen" comment. But why? why and how could he possibly get that unlucky 4 times in a row? seriously? that sure seems to be the norm in online play. Miracles happen alot more online then in live play, blame it on bad play or WTF ever ya want. Once maybe twice LONG shot but theres a possibility but 4 times. too hard for me to believe somethings going on there!!
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    just tighten up and spank them loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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