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    Did I trilt or just self implode

    Ok I was in acr 10 dollar free roll late in the tourney final table 2nd or third in chips over 100k lost em in three hands aq off kk and aq suited in that order finish 8th after that my head was spinning so input or psychiatric help please or just donked off to many chips. .55 added to account priceless!!

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    I've been there, too-- suddenly you start getting hands later in the tournament so you call big bets pre flop but you whiff the board and have to fold. Feels like you are donking off chips but if you're playing the right hands in the right positions that's all you can do. Stinks, though!

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    that is often how it ends for me..kk....ak....aa....called by poo that hits...flops perfect...demon traps that late are very tough to avoid and seemingly on every turn...beware the demon traps...good luck.
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    if you were on trilt then I assume it was real bad. From what I read it looks like the deck ran cold on ya.

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