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Thread: decent day

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    decent day

    the aces held up most of the time and i didnt get sucked out much. 18$ on the day. win at bet sharks, im heads up even stacked and the password for twitter 200 at ft is coming up in 2 minutes , so i start going allin on any k or ace. he folds afew i have k2 of ds he calls the allin with ace 6, flop is 888, turn nada, river king, won afew hands later and got in the twitter at ft and finished 15th. earlier in day 9th in 100 bankrollmob, and won 5.40 in daily dollar at ft . 2 bad beats there. there is an idiot at the table who raises preflop and continues no matter what, i won about 20k off him sofar i called him on alow board and won a 30 k pot on aq in the hole , beat his ace 4 high with aq high, he goes allin with 14k on a10, icall with ak and he hits 10 on river, im ok in chips, im in the money , 5.40 made get pocket aces there is a raise to 8k (bbs r 4k) i push allin on aces he snap calls on 7s,, 90k pot, he hits 7 on turn, that happens too much to me in the dd , thats why the most ive won is only 35 in that tourney, i was conseritative,

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    When is the FT freeroll on twitter?

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