I played in a live tourney today and saw a few crazy hands. One of my luckier days at the casino. Started out I was just planning on trying to make my 100 bucks last 5 hrs at the 1/2 table to get the slot dollar bonus (randomly pick for 40-500 slot dollars). Well I forgot they also give away 5 free seats to the noon tournament, and I won one (7 of us chopped for a 135 bucks, nothing major but I'll take it). Any way, back to the hands. First, there were quite a few river suckouts. This was one I was involved with, my sb, I have 3 5 s, limped to me so I call, why not, I actually seem to hit with 35 often for some reason, bb raises, I should fold but something says take a shot so I do, flop is 334, 3 of us in pot, I check to raiser, he shoves his remaining small stack, other guy calls, I shove, we are all allin, raiser has AA (other guy has open ended str draw). Turn is 4, I think I'm good now with fh, river A, lol. Now at ft, near bubble, we are already talking chop, short stack shoves A2, called by shorter stack with A7, flop is A2x, turn 7. Next hand the A2 guy has just over bb, shoves w/o looking at cards. Flop is 10 J x, 1 guy raises , I fold, other guy in hand shoves, first guy insta calls (these 2 were top 2 stacks left). First guy flips over AA, guy that shoved has 10 J (2 pair). Short stack that shoved blind flips over cards, he has AA also. Turn is a 2, ss starts walking away thinking he is drawing dead, river, another 2, masking the other 2 pair. One of the craziest hands I've ever seen. The 10 J guy was chip leader, ended up out in 8th, rest of us chopped.