Total Free Money Earned

Redeems: $280,369

BTC Rate: $8026.21

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    Cashed out BCP roll. Destroyed Live Grind.

    I'm not one to brag, but I thought this was noteworthy..

    Few weeks ago I deposited $50 on BCP and in 3 days turned that into 2k. Decided to cash that out for the upcoming Chicago Poker Classic. Couldn't wait so I started playing some $100 MTTs at Majestic Star and Horseshoe Chicago. They usually range from 40-100 players.. I out right won 3 tournaments out of 8 playing Hyper-Aggressive and won free seats into the $3650 main event and the $5k HU event and on top of that profited a little over 7k.

    Sick ungodly run. #LiveGrind #GrindinALLday

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