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Thread: Carbon OFC

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    Carbon OFC

    So...I took 3rd in the 2k added tourney. Won $281...played reppin PokerOwned. Was the forum supposed to get something for this?

    Also built up a $550 roll on Lock from $25...took like a week and half. I blew it in about 15 hours of straight play like a dumbass. Have $42 in rakeback otw arriving at 2 am. Time to rebuild. Thank God I have cashed out of Carbon. Now hopefully I get my check before the Department of Justice does...

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    You should have won a freeroll for this forum but i dunno. The other forum im with placed 2nd and get a $75 freeroll
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    That becuase there wasn't a lot of Pokerowned sig up or didn't places in top 30.
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    When will be the next tournament of these ?

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    Never played in these - how much players do the have ?

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