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    can someone explain this call to me

    Hand #843794-45 - 2012-10-26 10:34:22
    Game: PL Omaha (800 - 4000) - Blinds 25/50
    Table: 25/50 PLO
    Seat 1: ssl0wplayy (9094)
    Seat 2: Paisleysky (7690)
    Seat 5: numoney603 (1063)
    Seat 6: mrnobigdeal (5332)
    Seat 7: steortex (15779)
    Seat 8: jcolee2 (2663)
    Seat 10: gimmeabrew (1700)
    numoney603 has the dealer button
    mrnobigdeal posts small blind 25
    steortex posts big blind 50
    jcolee2 posts big blind 50
    ** Hole Cards **
    Dealt to gimmeabrew [6d 4c Kc Kd]
    jcolee2 checks
    gimmeabrew raises to 150
    ssl0wplayy raises to 575
    Paisleysky folds
    numoney603 folds
    mrnobigdeal calls 550
    steortex calls 525
    jcolee2 calls 525
    gimmeabrew calls 425
    ** Flop ** [5c Ks 6c]
    mrnobigdeal checks
    steortex checks
    jcolee2 checks
    gimmeabrew bets 1125 (All-in)
    ssl0wplayy calls 1125
    mrnobigdeal folds
    steortex folds
    jcolee2 calls 1125
    ** Turn ** [As]
    jcolee2 checks
    ssl0wplayy bets 6244
    jcolee2 calls 963 (All-in)
    ssl0wplayy refunded 5281
    ** River ** [Ah]
    ** Side Pot 1 Show Down ** [5c Ks 6c As Ah]
    ssl0wplayy shows [5d Qh Js Ad] (a Full House, Aces full of Fives)
    jcolee2 shows [2h 9s 5s Jc] (Two Pair, Aces and Fives +J)
    ssl0wplayy wins Side Pot 1 (1926) with a Full House
    Rake (0)
    ** Main Pot Show Down ** [5c Ks 6c As Ah]
    gimmeabrew shows [6d 4c Kc Kd] (a Full House, Kings full of Aces)
    ssl0wplayy wins Main Pot (6244) with a Full House
    Rake (6)
    jcolee2 adds 4000 chips

    lollol wtf???? dumbass call and then sick suckout blahhh
    "Heard you're looking for a stud. Well, I got the S-T-D. All I need is you. " - Rooster

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    No reason for him to play that hand that way.. Just a donk.

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    Coulda saved urself by not raising ur hand PF, all u have is a pair of Ks, n in no way is that a strong enough starting hand in PLO to raise PF, yeah u flopped ur set n got unlucky that he hit runner runner on u but after u see the A on turn n river may be able to lay down ur Ks full, or if not then maybe coulda still had some chips left. I see this every day in the omaha games on here n micro stakes ppl raising big pairs n it shouldnt be done.

    He called w/2pr which is pretty standard in omaha.

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    ya never know just wing it its all good and fun

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    ya he could of been tilting

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    No one can explain my crazy calls with garbage, so I won't expect to explain someone else's decent call.

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    PokerOwned Demi-God ssuglia's Avatar
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    I'm guessing he clicked the "call" button. Otherwise, I don't know how he could have called there.

    20:52 <onehotdame> sug ...your the most helpful of Mods
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssuglia View Post
    I'm guessing he clicked the "call" button. Otherwise, I don't know how he could have called there.
    haha that chit made me laugh outloud

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    I could listen to bad beat stories over and over and over and over and over and zzzzzzzzz...........

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    I would have called too, and I know nothing about omaha lol

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