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Thread: Bubble BCP

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    Bubble BCP

    I make a deep run and played well considering I had an aggro donk to my left. I made a sick read with my AQs. I min raise UTG with 25BB and the villain just smooth calls. The flop was rainbow low cards I Cbet and he calls, turn is a queen I check he bets i click it back he smooth calls. and I check fold to his shove and he flashes KK. Gameflow just sent alarm bells off cuz it was exact hand I put him on. But later down on the bubble and I was middle of the pack I have KJ and just limp from EP just intending to fold facing any heat on most flops. I get smooth called again by a solid player. of course I flop a jack and just decide to open shove becuase I have the best hand most of the time and of course the player snap calls with AJ the only hand I obviously am crushed by... make 11th out of like 480 ish players... making a whopping 0$

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    I hate bubbling - I'd rather bust out early and save 4 hours of my life than to get that close and get nothing. Better luck next time...
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