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Thread: Beyond Tilt

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    Beyond Tilt

    Although this upcoming post is not a poker-related post directly, take it in the spirit that I feel poker is game that directly reflects all that encompasses life. And while poker can put us on tilt so can life. Here is a story about life. You can read, trash it, not read it.. But I wrote it.

    A man?s mind spinning toward the throes of insanity is quite the sight to see. If not for sport, than for no other reason than having it shoved down your throat. Like some sort of unwanted sausage left over from a bbq two weekends too long ago... For in the world of the renter, and according to recent statistics that makes 34% of us, mere existence on a near normal basis can be easily derailed by the Russian roulette that each of us plays when we move. And I say us because if you have not realized yet, yes I am renter.

    Now when I say Russian roulette I am simply implying a metaphor that seems far too drawn out to diagram with words right now so let me cut to the chase. When most of us lowly renters move, we are usually turning a page in our life and opening up a new clear page. Blank, unblemished, ready to be filled up with the new faces, feelings and experiences that come with a change of address. All of us hope to fill this page with happy faces, warm feelings, and fun experiences right? Who doesn?t?

    Then we move.

    We spin the chamber, one bullet in, place the gun to our head and click?

    That damn Russian roulette reference again. Sorry.

    Five times out of six, the gun goes click, nothing happens and we fill that new page with good stuff. Fun Stuff. Everything I talked about earlier.

    It?s that one out of six, when the gun goes click, the chamber goes boom and that new page suddenly becomes a nightmare. Full of forgettable faces, unwanted experiences and the sudden desire to cut that new page in half, maybe down to a quarter page, and start yet another new one.

    A bad neighbor being the bullet. My bullet is made with equal parts angry alcoholic, insane alcoholic and loud alcoholic with a dose of an inflated estimation on his physical ability to back up the bravado. In other words, he is a loud drunk who has no problem getting in your face when it is only going to get his mid-50?s (looks like 70?s), skinny, gaunt, frail ass beat. Comprende?.

    Now before the cynics out there start rumbling, yeah that?s because your are renting a bad at your local public mental health facility, I would like to state for the record I am not.

    I live in a modest three story, 20 unit building in a quiet community just outside of Chicago.

    Nope all I did was play Russian roulette. And lost. I moved.

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    I liked the analogy of it.. If you are unlucky in life dont expect to be lucky in online poker. Like most people that live pay check to paycheck isnt going to win much if anything online. unlucky people just dont get the breaks that winners get. or did i not get the jest of it?
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    You definitley have to, have to ,,,,have to play aggressive online and then take your lumps for a month - but the upswings are for real and you get a few folds (not many) for ez money.

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    Well that obviously did not go as planned. Oh well. Try again.

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    good read,you make more then 1 $ per post,I.m impressed

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    Good story. Just curious, do you not have an apostrophe key on your computer?

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    tilt man, that how u start winning !!!!!!!!!!!1221

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