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    Being from Washington State sucks!

    So my state is ruining online poker for players from Washington and recently I just had my BCP account banned because I am from Washington. Today I tried to make a deposit in ACR and they told me I could not because I am from Washington. I also cannot withdraw. I would have to go drive down to Oregon and make the transaction there and pick it up. Technically I can still play for real money, but what's the point if I can't withdraw. I have not been able to play on merge network since I have turned 18 so I do not have that as an option. All I have left is Bovada at this point and I want more than one site to play on. Any other Washington state players on here play elsewhere and if so what's another site besides Bovada that doesn't suck? This is really getting frustrating and I just want to play poker.

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    "We feel your pain brother"

    - New Jersey

    Best Poets of All time<br/>

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    I moved from wa state to cali 4 years ago and bovada wouldn't work for me then. im surprised it works for you now

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    that dsucks man im trying to gt some points from posting but i guess my post arnt good enough

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    If you feel you have been wrong, write your congressman. I wouldn't feel too bad. Gambling is a luxury not a necessity.

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