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    bad play leads to final table cash.

    hello everyone.. i played in a freeroll on and kept sucking out on everyone all day. i'd call and find its my ak vs kk but then I'd flop the straight... Just a funny day like that. It actually made me feel like the worst my hand was preflop the more likely you are to actually hit it.

    Later in the game I limped with 23 and flopped 2 pair. then called 3 bet with 33 and flopped trips. Anyone here ever tried to play a freeroll 'badly' and end up being super rewarded for it?


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    LOL! It does happen like that sometimes. As for me, there have been a few times where I was so short I purposely tried to get myself eliminated, only to end up winning the hand and sometimes tripling up. However, I mostly make good folds and would've ended up flopping big hands, like k4, 44k, stuff like that.

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    haha thats really funny, ill have to try that.

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    It's called running good...enjoy it when it happens, cause it doesn't happen to often, AK is an all-in in a tournament setting and calling with a small pair to see the flop is also common tourney play .

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    Running good is a term on familiar to me in regards to motor vehicles. Or finishing a marathon.

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    not gonna lie ive had days like that grats

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    iv done tht a few times, sometimes luck is wht will take u home, so go with it

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