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    bad beats bad beats

    bad beats happen all the time! I am a victim of them all the time... the other day i folded a royal flush and shortly after found myself on tilt on full tilt poker... i ended up losing more from not playing in any hands properly after that fold.... anyone have any good stories they would like to share? anyone know the password for tonights freeroll on ap/ub?

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    I was grinding in a 10buy in rebuy last night, I was playingawesom theirs 11 people left ,me small blind with 22,500 in chips I get QQ blinds are at 3000,6000 I go all in the big blind calls A9 o Aone the turn ah I hate it I was out shortly after, I go play omaha with my last 58 bucks within 30 minutes I was busted out nad had to then walk home 2 hours because the bus stopped running

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    it can happen from time to time, Seems like you may have been distracted not see a possible royal flush coming and then again it is so rare to see one its hard to belive it will be displayed . That was a bad beat for sure but then again it was not because the whole hand was not complete and you folded. Hope you have better luck next time around !

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