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Thread: b2b

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    Almost did b2b yesterday got 4th in the second tourney. I was knocked out in a 40+k pot which would make me the chip leader and give me an extremely good chance on winning the tourney. I was utg with pocket 4's min raise call flop set get all the chips in ahead and he sucks out a flush on turn... Was fun!

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    Close is good. But not good enough. I have won no b2b. Soo good luck,

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    yes you were on fire, dont fell bad i still hold the worse b2b record for po. better luck next time
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    well close so maybe next time u can put it away. You're good player so it will come. gl

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    It always sucks to have a flopped set beaten.

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