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    AWESOME pwn of a donk

    Background: i'm 234, in this 7.5k gtd, card dead for an hour, woke up with aces UTG and with like 9bbs i push, UTG+1 (202) calls with ducks, starts bitching i won lol
    About 5 hands later (hes still bitching) I'm BB and him UTG shoves AJs, i snap call with 34o to bust him

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    snap calling with 3-4 off? doesn't make sense to me but whatever.

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    I get that he's a whiner, but not a donk. Calling a 9bb shove by the BB with a pocket pair is not donkish. In his case it was just unfortunate bad timing. Your call of most of your stack with the 3-4 with 70 players left in the tourney was, maybe arguably, pretty donkish, but I understand that you let your emotions get the better of you based on the convo you were having with 202.
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    dont think snap calling with that hand made any sense but way to bust him out

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