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    ASTRONOMIC mistake

    I was in huge depression after this hand, being playing poker for 3 year and do such a horrible sad mistake.
    Well, I will try now to at least make a track and notes of such "donkey" tilting hands. Hope In more 3 year I learn the lesson!

    Opss, forgot carbon hand history sucks
    here the other demonstration of the hand.

    game id="60569198-76" starttime="2012/09/02 19:20:45 -0300" numholecards="2" gametype="23" seats="9" realmoney="true" data="20120902|$300 Guaranteed Deepstack Turbo Freezeout |60531997-1|60569198-76|true" version="1">
    <players dealer="5">
    <player seat="0" nickname="Matty121472" balance="$7088.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="1" nickname="ledlizard" balance="$8398.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="2" nickname="Sharkie44" balance="$12438.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="3" nickname="stackinsidewaysRPM" balance="$11710.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="4" nickname="Olinkapo" balance="$7470.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="5" nickname="casaveia" balance="$10658.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="6" nickname="antandkandy" balance="$12700.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="7" nickname="soso101" balance="$30616.00" dealtin="true" />
    <player seat="8" nickname="idk2poker" balance="$11350.00" dealtin="true" />
    <round id="BLINDS" sequence="1">
    <event sequence="1" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="0" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="2" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="1" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="3" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="2" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="4" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="3" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="5" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="4" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="6" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="5" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="7" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="6" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="8" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="7" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="9" type="ANTE" timestamp="1346624429249" player="8" amount="160.00"/>
    <event sequence="10" type="SMALL_BLIND" timestamp="1346624429473" player="6" amount="800.00"/>
    <event sequence="11" type="BIG_BLIND" timestamp="1346624429473" player="7" amount="1600.00"/>
    <round id="PREFLOP" sequence="2">
    <event sequence="12" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624436796" player="8"/>
    <event sequence="13" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624437859" player="0"/>
    <event sequence="14" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624438227" player="1"/>
    <event sequence="15" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624440892" player="2"/>
    <event sequence="16" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624441877" player="3"/>
    <event sequence="17" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624442345" player="4"/>
    <event sequence="18" type="RAISE" timestamp="1346624448423" player="5" amount="3200.00"/>
    <event sequence="19" type="FOLD" timestamp="1346624450465" player="6"/>
    <event sequence="20" type="CALL" timestamp="1346624453520" player="7" amount="1600.00"/>
    <cards type="HOLE" cards="Jh,Jc" player="5" hand="Pair of Jacks"/>
    <round id="POSTFLOP" sequence="3">
    <event sequence="21" type="CHECK" timestamp="1346624455723" player="7"/>
    <event sequence="22" type="ALL_IN" timestamp="1346624463863" player="5" amount="7298.00"/>
    <event sequence="23" type="CALL" timestamp="1346624466066" player="7" amount="7298.00"/>
    <event sequence="24" type="SHOW" timestamp="1346624466468" player="5"/>
    <event sequence="25" type="SHOW" timestamp="1346624466669" player="7"/>
    <cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="4d,Qh,Ah" hand="Pair of Jacks"/>
    <cards type="SHOWN" cards="Jh,Jc" player="5"/>
    <cards type="SHOWN" cards="3h,Ad" player="7"/>
    <round id="POSTTURN" sequence="4">
    <cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="4d,Qh,Ah,9d" hand="Pair of Jacks"/>
    <round id="POSTRIVER" sequence="5">
    <cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="4d,Qh,Ah,9d,Ac" hand="Two Pair Aces and Jacks"/>
    <round id="END_OF_GAME" sequence="6">
    <event sequence="26" type="PLAYER_OUT" timestamp="1346624472388" player="5"/>
    <winner amount="23236.00" uncalled="false" potnumber="1" player="7" hand="Three of a Kind Aces" pottype="n"/>
    Matty121472 Posts Ante 160.00
    ledlizard Posts Ante 160.00
    Sharkie44 Posts Ante 160.00
    stackinsidewaysRPM Posts Ante 160.00
    Olinkapo Posts Ante 160.00
    casaveia Posts Ante 160.00
    antandkandy Posts Ante 160.00
    soso101 Posts Ante 160.00
    idk2poker Posts Ante 160.00
    antandkandy Posts SB 800.00
    soso101 Posts BB 1600.00
    idk2poker Folds
    Matty121472 Folds
    ledlizard Folds
    Sharkie44 Folds
    stackinsidewaysRPM Folds
    Olinkapo Folds
    casaveia Raised to 3200.00
    antandkandy Folds
    soso101 Calls 1600.00
    soso101 Checks
    casaveia All In 7298.00
    soso101 Calls 7298.00
    casaveia Shows Jh,Jc
    soso101 Shows 3h,Ad
    casaveia Out
    soso101 Won 23236.00 from Pot 1 with Three of a Kind Aces
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    Since we can't see what the flop, turn, and river cards were, what exactly was the mistake here?

    Did an A hit the flop and you shoved anyway?

    20:52 <onehotdame> sug ...your the most helpful of Mods
    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

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    Ouch. It's good that you can adjust your play instead of just tilting off the rest of your stack

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    awch that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was casaveia by the way.


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    Topic moved..?! why
    I want to discuss the hand and the tilting issue and tilting factors also, not bragging and not tilting here.
    Im reading the book The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler , thinking of bying it, is worth it?
    Trying to improve my game as whole on the mental aspect, as u can see is kind of horrible sometimes!

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    player number 5;

    ok, I will try to break down the hand:

    casaveia" balance="$10658.00

    casaveia holds "Pair of Jacks - JJ>"
    casaveia Raised to 3200.00
    antandkandy Folds
    soso101 Calls 1600.00


    Soso101 checks
    casaveia is ALL_IN, amount="7298.0
    soso101 calls and SHOWN" cards="3h,Ad"

    turn and river: COMMUNITY" cards="4d,Qh,Ah,9d,Ac

    casaveia Out
    soso101 Won 23236.00 from Pot 1 with Three of a Kind Aces

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    As it as been said,, a picture is worth a thousand words....

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    JJ is an allin preflop hand when you have less then 10 BBs ... the min raise was a mistake on your part since you gave him great pot odds

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    Mar 2012
    yeah, shove PF

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