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    Now You Can Actually See It:Another Mindless Button Clicker Gets Paid

    This is not a complaint. I want this call EVERY single time. It's what you dream of when you get a hand like this. I just wanted to provide some entertainment to the group. Both the call and the fact that it hit is beyond hilarious. It's just another prime example of how the cruel game of poker could care less about good and bad play. Even someone who doesn't put a nano second of thought into a call can emerge victorious. This person seems to be in the top 15 or 20 all the time. I don't know how making calls like this. He was probably just having a bad day...I hope. (I updated the Hand since people thought this was a pre flop all-in. Like I'd wasted my time posting that.)

    Seat #0: Nalaborkcin, $813.00
    Seat #1: allheart1213 (D), $2260.00
    Seat #2: pokerviper99 (SB), $7292.00
    Seat #3: 3betcall (BB), $1516.00
    Seat #4: jeffk50, $2353.00
    Seat #5: tommy62278, $5230.00
    Seat #6: TheRageMachine666, $3165.00
    Seat #7: crypiter3535, $2490.00
    Seat #8: deborahcasineri, $915.00
    Seat #9: nd44irish, $7620.00

    pokerviper99 posts the small blind of 125.00
    3betcall posts the big blind of 250.00

    crypiter3535 got hole cards [ Kd: Kc: ]
    jeffk50 folds
    tommy62278 calls 250.00
    TheRageMachine666 folds
    crypiter3535 raises with 700.00
    deborahcasineri folds
    nd44irish folds
    Nalaborkcin folds
    allheart1213 folds
    pokerviper99 folds
    3betcall folds
    tommy62278 calls 450.00

    [ Jc: Th: 2s: ]

    tommy62278 checks
    crypiter3535 goes all-in with 1790.00
    tommy62278 calls 1790.00
    tommy62278 shows [ Qs: Ad: ]
    crypiter3535 shows [ Kd: Kc: ]

    [ Jc: Th: 2s: ] [ 4d: ]

    [ Jc: Th: 2s: ] [ 4d: ] [ Ac: ]
    crypiter3535 is out
    tommy62278 wins 5355.00
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    Unfortunately, to small to see. Make a little bigger if you can.

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    Yeah too small to read anything even with my glasses. lol

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    Looks like tommy but its soo small i cant tell. Looks like he didnt put u on KK most likely and its a PO roll right?
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    I also tried to look but to no avail.....too small can't compute
    I pay in blood....but not my own. BDylan

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    click on it- youll see aq beat kk which is a common all in

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    Quote Originally Posted by potfan42o View Post
    click on it- youll see aq beat kk which is a common all in
    i did click on it...i wish people would learn how to use photobucket O.o

    im confused though yes AQ isnt a brill hand but it is a common all in 2 good overcards the way the OP is talking anyone would think he went in with a 94off (which ive many times)
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    Too small to see.. make it a litle bigger

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    TON is Gone.
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    Ya sorry but this is just another example of someone complaining when their opponent GAMBLES AND WINS.

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    You have the right outlook. You want them at your table every time and making that call.

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