Took another final table last night n 100gtd KO

so far thats one 2nd one 4th and one 5th n buys ins all 100gtd

have nailed alot of the po games n 1st 2nd 3rd or ft cash

have cashed every buy in so far unfortunately my br isnt big enough to get in a better game

also won entry for the 50k sat from super satt requiring placing under 40 then 30

all games on bcp

what i wanting to try n do is get staked in one of the upcoming games

ranging from the 600 gtd to the 2k or bigger

alot of these have small buy ins

these are the games im in already

one 600 gtd that runs tomorrow and the 2500k that runs in 6 days

alot here have seen me play if any one is interested please let me know