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Thread: 98o squashes KK

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    Unhappy 98o squashes KK

    so new guy pops in on the table (tourny) gets in the deal. blinds 100 200, new guy bumps to 400, +1 caller i figure hey KK is a good hand lets see what they do, bump to 900 looking for the what i think are A rags to fold. nope big money pushes to 1500 i call all in for 1515 and we get to see the fun begin. so i see him w/ 98o, figure alright, he hits a 9 on the flop......and at that point i just figured this is going to screw me in the end...and i'm talking to the computer saying no 8 no 8....good ole lucky river 8 lands him the "yea i'm a winner" slogan.

    really who plays that to a raise from a relitive short an already overly large just seem to be my luck...

    guess i could have smooth called, and bet/raised the flop...been burned w/ some rags going that though. And the A that hit the flop would have made it tuff.

    oh well guess that poker...still love the game

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    sorry - hate when that happens to me but with 2 people already in the pot your raise, which is essentially a min raise, was not large enough. You were giving him 4 to 1 pot odds to call plus the guy behind was getting even better odds - not bad with any 2. Don't know what you're starting stack was - guessing around 2300 - but committing 1/3 of your stack with a min raise is committing you to the pot no matter what - so you should have just shoved in that spot.
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    thats classic, lucky donk all time long ;S

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