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    Thumbs up $5.50 sit and go won on lock

    i won now iam up $11 dollars on lock yea.i think i am starting to understand bank roll better finally i hope.

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    The highest stake I would play with that $11 bankroll is $1.10. I follow the rule of not risking more than 10% at a time, but I think you'll find better players than me saying it should be less than that.

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    it is less than that but there is nothing you can do with such a small bankroll. I have been grinder out the $.50 $25GTD to boost a $0 bankroll up to $17. will play $1. buy-ins but nothing more until I make more. Good luck.

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    that 10% rule is a good one to live by, until greed sets in and you need your whole bankroll to play the tourney you're dying to register for

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