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    Aug 2012

    2nd place blackchip poker 50k GTD

    So I played the bcp 50k gtd as a part of the OSS series they have going. I took 2nd place for 6,837$ on a 200$ buy in . My screen name is trapperJoe77. There are a lot of OSS events running today as well as yesterday and I'
    m pumped for the 100k gtd today

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    Go to your room. We only accept winners here at POKEROWNED.
    I suck at Poker. You suck at Life. Swallow That...

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    Nice!1 congrats man, but 2nd place in 50k is only 6.8k?? nice!!!

    keep it up

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    I remember that from the other night, congrats!

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    congrats mr greenbeans.....keep that shit rollin em wats up

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