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    i got 1st place in this , i like the structure , very fast

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    If your not first...your last.

    Just kidding. Nice tourney.

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    I'm confused. The title says you got 2nd but then in the thread you say 1st. Either way that is a great accomplishment. congratulations on a well played tourney

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    congratulations for second place.. but only 3.30 for second place and 1000 players? its a little bit sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima191 View Post
    real or play money how much was it worth your time
    Just for fun.

    You pretty much just have to wait until the ending levels (200 plrs left) to call with rags and get 100k in chips. I went all-in with the bar slut (8-5os) and hit two-pair to beat the garden mom (q-q) and a couple aks.
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